from the Archives – 1979 to 1984

from the 2023 Reunion

1. Michele, Jean, John
2. Conversations
3. A gang of four artists
4. Ian told Calvin something humourous
5. The mighty Nelson crew!
6. A happy bunch of reunionizers
7. Bryan, Tom, Pauline
8. Tom, Rita, Gary (Jeremy in the background)
9. A collection of visual artists
10. Writers at the 2023 DTUC Reunion, Saturday.
Images courtesy of Margaret Parker, except for Angela Hryniuk (4 and 6), SJ Swann (3), Susie Charbonneau via Jane Torrance (10).

from the Archives – 1979 to 1984

A1. BC Education Minister Pat McGeer (left) and DTUC interim administrator John Peregrym unveil the new DTUC logo, 1979.
A3. The DTUC library, with Ron Welwood shelving books in the background.
A4. Delores Andreychuk converts DTUC catalogue records into machine-readable forms.
A9. Hawaiian Howard and the Indoor Plants at the SUB Pub, 1981. From the left: a slice of Noel Hudson, Dave Scanlan, Dietmar Trommeshauser, and Calvin Wharton.
A10. David McFadden reading with Indoor Plants at the SUB Pub, 1981. From the left: Noel Hudson, Dietmar Trommeshauser, David McFadden, and Calvin Wharton.
A11. David McFadden reading at the SUB Pub, 1981. Dietmar Trommeshauser on drums, McFadden on full blast.
A12. Rally to save DTUC, 1984.
Images from Nelson Museum Archives and Gallery

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